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L'Amande Settled in the area between Genoa and Marseilles, L’Amande is one of the five oldest soap brands of the world and for more than a century has been synonymous with quality in the great tradition of Mediterranean soap making. Since their early beginnings, L’Amande has gone beyond the solid soaps which made them famous at the end of the 1800s to other products.

Today, L’Amande soaps are still produced in cauldrons, using the old, “Marseillais method” of simmering oils and raw materials for six days and six nights. Only the best oils, fragrances and essences are used - olive oil (Mediterranean gold), the oil of sweet almonds (the inspiration of the name), Broom, Strawberry tree, Mulberry, Honeysuckle, Hawthorn (which perfume the country lanes and landscape the Mediterranean) and Pittosporum (integral to the Riviera landscape).