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Weleda Weleda is celebrating 90 years of making personal care products from natural ingredients. They grow and cultivate the ingredients they use on their own Biodynamic gardens –farms that use compost, fertilizer and pest control from all natural farm resources. Ingredients are grown without chemicals and pesticides. In addition, planting, crop rotation and harvesting are guided by the natural rhythms of the sun, moon and planets. Weleda owns and operates the largest Biodynamic Medicinal Plant Garden in Germany and is involved with fair trade projects and Biodynamic gardens around the world.

Weleda’s ingredients DO NOT contain synthetic preservatives, synthetic chemicals, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, or petroleum-derived ingredients. Their products are never tested on animals. Weleda’s products are certified 100% natural by NaTrue ( and BDIH (

Enjoy Weleda’s products for the face, body, baby and oral care!